February 23, 2007

Lung Cancer Alliance Hails Courage Of Congressman Norwood And Extends Well Wishes As He Battles Lung Cancer

Today, the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) hailed Congressman Charles Norwood (R-GA) for his courage and willingness to publicly disclose his valiant battle with lung cancer.

"Sharing this kind of news with family, friends and constituents is never easy, but in doing so, Congressman Norwood is showing courage and selflessness," said Laurie Fenton, President of the Lung Cancer Alliance. "Even during this very difficult time, Congressman Norwood continues his lifelong commitment to advocacy for patients' rights by informing people about the enormous toll lung cancer takes on all sectors of our community. The congressman helps shine the light on the urgent need for more research, earlier detection and better treatments for the number one cancer killer."

Edward J. Levitt, Executive Director of LCA's Georgia chapter said, "He is a true hero and we are all praying for him."

During the twelve years Congressman Norwood has represented eastern Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives, he has distinguished himself as a nationally recognized leader and the author of major legislation on patients' rights and health care benefits for veterans and military retirees.

Lung cancer is killing more people each year than breast, prostate, colon, melanoma, liver and kidney cancers combined. Only 16 percent of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at Stage 1, when the cancer can be treated and cured.

The stigma of smoking has led to the under funding of lung cancer research and early detection programs, even though more than 60 percent of new lung cancer cases are diagnosed in people who never smoked, were exposed to significant second-hand smoke (10-15 percent), or in former smokers (50 percent) who had already quit, many of them decades ago.

Both Fenton and Levitt assured Congressman Norwood, his wife, Gloria, and his family of their admiration, support and gratitude.

"We are committed to dedicating our continued efforts in Congressman Norwood's name to raise awareness of the need for early detection and the devastating statistics on lung cancer that have been ignored for too long," Fenton said.

The Lung Cancer Alliance (http://www.LungCancerAlliance.org), headquartered in Washington D.C., is the only national non-profit organization solely dedicated to patient support and advocacy for people living with, or at risk for, lung cancer. The Georgia chapter is headed by Executive Director Edward J. Levitt of Acworth, GA.

Lung Cancer Alliance

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