February 2, 2007

Dynamic Imaging Exhibits Web-based RIS/PACS Leadership at HIMSS 2007

Dynamic Imaging, an established leader in Web-based image and information management, announced today that the latest iteration of the acclaimed IntegradWebR PACS and RIS/PACS shall be showcased at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2007 Annual Meeting, Booth #7117, from February 26 - March 1, 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Key features to be highlighted at the upcoming HIMSS meeting include IntegradWeb MAMMO for digital mammography primary interpretation, the speed and scalability of its image viewer, IntegradWeb PACS' new AutoFetch capability, the end-to-end Web-based workflow of RIS/PACS, and the Guardian Diagnostics monitoring tool. Dynamic Imaging will also be discussing its next release, IntegradWeb PACS Version 3.7, for scalability to 1 million annual PACS exams and beyond. It is anticipated for early availability in the second quarter of 2007.

Concerning IntegradWeb MAMMO, Dynamic Imaging successfully tested its implementation of the new IHE Mammography Profile at the recent IHE 2007 Connect-a-thon, held in Chicago during the week of January 15 - 19, 2007.Developed to harmonize the integration of digital mammography interpretation with traditional radiology PACS, this new profile assists institutions of all sizes to implement optimal digital mammography reading workflow. As a result of the Connect-a-thon, the actors of Image Manager/Image Archive and Image Display are now supported for the new Mammography Profile.

"IntegradWeb continues to take the lead through our sustained investment in innovative R&D for new products, new features, and enhanced functionality without sacrificing implementation of the latest industry standards," explained Alex Jurovitsky, Dynamic Imaging's chief executive officer. "Our technological advancements further differentiate IntegradWeb from other systems and provide our customers with the tools to make their institutions and practices more competitive, empowering them to deliver the best patient care possible."

The following shall be discussed and demonstrated by Dynamic Imaging at HIMSS 2007:

-- IntegradWeb MAMMO. With successful testing of its implementation of the IHE Mammography Profile, Dynamic Imaging offers complete digital mammography interpretation workflow, including customizable reading layouts and sequences for any third-party full-field digital mammography system as well as full support for all of the rich functionality of IntegradWeb PACS (to include anywhere access, saving key images for best-in-class referring physicians' print pages, as well as IHE portable data for imaging (PDI)-compliant CD burning and importation of outside PDI CDs).

-- IntegradWeb PACS Version 3.7. Dynamic Imaging is continuing to invest in the performance and scalability of IntegradWeb PACS. At HIMSS 2007, Dynamic Imaging shall be discussing its latest technical innovation, IntegradWeb PACS Version 3.7, which is being developed for scalability to 1 million annual PACS exams and beyond. Dynamic Imaging is also focusing development on the IntegradWeb PACS image viewer. While today's best PACS are able to load the first image of a PACS study within an average of three seconds on the LAN and tens of seconds across the WAN for large studies, Dynamic Imaging intends to shatter the status quo. With IntegradWeb PACS Version 3.7, the image viewer is being developed to perform blazingly fast, improving upon contemporary industry speeds by 50 percent or more.

-- AutoFetch. The newest feature of IntegradWeb PACS, AutoFetch, shall be demonstrated which speeds local and remote reading workflow for digital mammography interpretation as well as all other modality types. AutoFetch is a feature that is enabled via IntegradWeb PACS' Study List, automatically retrieving prioritized unread studies and their relevant priors to the local workstation regardless of location and optimizing performance regardless of the network bandwidth. These studies are stored to local memory, not the local cache, thus safeguarding the temporary storage of protected health information (PHI). Competing PACS approaches such as pre-fetching or auto-caching that store to the local cache may leave PHI data exposed to potential HIPAA violations.

-- IntegradWeb RIS/PACS. Dynamic Imaging's integrated, single-desktop RIS/PACS featuring end-to-end Web-based workflow from scheduling through billing, with document management and digital dictation shall be demonstrated. This end-to-end workflow expands upon the Web-based architecture of IntegradWeb PACS, fulfilling the complete Web-based workflow needs of ambulatory settings (e.g., imaging centers, ambulatory care facilities, radiology group practices) regardless of size and complexity.

-- Guardian Diagnostics. Dynamic Imaging will also be discussing its powerful proactive monitoring tool, Guardian Diagnostics. Guardian Diagnostics enables complete remote monitoring of hardware, software, and network connectivity. Furthermore, Guardian Diagnostics peers into the actual performance of the IntegradWeb PACS and RIS/PACS software applications, monitoring routine performance criteria such as image acquisition and compression queues, for example, to proactively alert support teams before end users experience any degradation in system performance.

IntegradWeb PACS serves more than 175 customers worldwide across more than 500 installations. While best known for its outstanding value for community hospitals and ambulatory settings, IntegradWeb PACS has demonstrated impressive benchmarks for both performance and scalability. Notably, RadNet (Los Angeles, California), the largest publicly traded nationwide imaging center chain with 134 locations, uses IntegradWeb PACS to power its PACS operations, exceeding 900,000 studies per year. And Stony Brook University Medical Center (Stony Brook, New York), one of New York's premier academic tertiary care institutions, performs 230,000 annual studies using IntegradWeb PACS across their challenging campus.

To learn more about Dynamic Imaging, IntegradWeb PACS and RIS/PACS at HIMSS 2007, visit us at New Orleans' Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Hall J, Booth #7117. For optimal advance scheduling, please contact Sandy Gordon at 1-888-303-PACS extension 348, or click here.

About Dynamic Imaging

Dynamic Imaging is on the forefront of image and information management, bringing affordable filmless and paperless radiology to all members of the imaging community. Dynamic Imaging continues to set new standards through our innovative Web-based PACS, Web-based unified RIS/PACS solution for ambulatory practices (RIS, PACS, billing, document management, and digital dictation), intelligent applications, and state-of-the-art workflow tools for all care settings. With over 500 sites, our customers include academic and community-based acute care health care institutions, integrated delivery networks, and imaging centers and radiology group practices of all sizes.

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