March 3, 2007

2007 Global Breast Cancer Pathfinders Named - American Society Of Breast Disease

The American Society of Breast Disease will honor two internationally known leaders as Pathfinders in the fight against breast cancer during the Society's 31st annual symposium, April 12-14, 2007 at the Hotel Nikko, San Francisco. The 2007 Pathfinder Lecturers are:

Breast Imaging
Daniel B. Kopans, MD
Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Breast Surgery
Melvin J. Silverstein, MD
Medical Director, Harold E. and Henrietta C. Lee Breast Center, University of Southern California/Norris, Los Angeles, California

In announcing the Pathfinder Lecturers, Society President Benjamin O. Anderson, MD, noted "this prestigious program recognizes the innovators who have combined research and clinical practice with an interdisciplinary understanding to advance the fight against breast disease and breast cancer."

Dr. Anderson stressed that "these Pathfinders reflect the spirit and commitment of the American Society of Breast Disease as the only clinically based organization to advocate an interdisciplinary team approach to managing breast disease and cancer prevention, risk assessment, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and research."

Profiles of the 2007 American Society of Breast Disease Pathfinders

Dr. Kopans is a leading world expert on breast cancer screening for women in their forties. It was in large part due to his efforts in defining the scientific issues, analyzing the data, and pressuring the National Cancer Institute that women aged 40-49 have access to routine annual mammography screening. In 1978, he founded the Breast Imaging Division at the Massachusetts General Hospital where he was Director from 1978 to 2006. In the late 1970's Dr. Kopans invented a guide wire and techniques that made it possible to accurately direct surgeons to areas of concern found by mammography that were so small that they could not be felt. Dr. Kopans defined the field of Breast Imaging with a landmark article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1984 recognizing the need for multimodality breast evaluation. He developed an organized approach to image interpretation and reporting that is the basis for the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) and he was co-chairman of the original BIRADS committee.

Dr. Silverstein was the first person in the world to design and build a freestanding breast center as a place where all of a patient's needs could be met in one location. In 1973, he launched his first breast clinic at UCLA, where he served as director. He then went on to start the acclaimed Van Nuys Breast Center in 1979, the world's first free standing breast center. Dr. Silverstein joined the University of Southern California in 1998 and has since served as co-leader of the breast cancer research program and professor of surgery. His approach to breast cancer has been a highly individualized model of care that leans toward a "less is more" mentality. Dr. Silverstein continues to push forward breast health research, but remains focused on improvements for breast centers. He has written the only major textbook on ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the breast. His leadership as a surgical oncologist in treatment of DCIS and use of sentinel node biopsy has been recognized worldwide.

About the American Society of Breast Disease

The American Society of Breast Disease is the only professional medical society to bring together all physicians and allied professionals involved in breast disease and cancer management to advocate an interdisciplinary team approach to breast healthcare. The Society advocates for improvements in breast health management. For information about the ASBD, visit the Society at

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