March 4, 2007

Novel Approaches To Tackling Obesity, Cancer And MRSA

Obesity, cancer and the hospital 'superbug' MRSA are the targets for novel drugs being developed under a new scheme funded by the Wellcome Trust. The Seeding Drug Discovery initiative aims to bridge the funding gap for health researchers involved in early-stage drug discovery projects that will be the springboard for further research and development by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.


* Seeding Drug Discovery - Dr Ted Bianco (Technology Transfer Division, Wellcome Trust)

* Natural gut hormone offers hope for new obesity drug - Professor Steve Bloom (Imperial College London)

* New antibacterials being developed to tackle MRSA -Dr Lloyd Czaplewski (Prolysis)

* Novel approach to cancer drug - Professor Jeremy TavarĐ“© (University of Bristol)


Contact: Craig Brierley
Wellcome Trust

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