January 23, 2007

Amazing cancer successes STORY... swindlers in the network!!!

If you have a normal fear of cancer, or are presently close to it, read the
following fully:
There is no fraud here. Im a retired USNavyman and I have no desire to
get in trouble with Unc Sam. Show this to your favorite lawyer.
We all value our health and our family"s. This is an inexpensive way to
get the vital urgent information which you may need soon.
Talk to me at America On Line anytime for any comments at all.
Tanks, Peterwiz.
hey folks! Im on a crusade. By the way Im an aviation buff. At least I was
for four years when I was an electronic tech on Navy carriers. It was
awesome. I found something else awesome and amazing. There is a long term
cure for ALMOST ALL TYPES OF CANCER, and I will pay you to prove my facts
wrong. Thats right I'll pay you $20.00. An amazing 82% percent success rate.
I know what your thinking. Millions have died for a disease that there's a
cure for??!! One of them was my dad. Thats why Im on this crusade. You can
help me on this crusade to spread the word and expand the work of the late
Dr. Virginia Livingston. Why is she so little known?! She did publish her
work in the 1974 (!!!!) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (Vol. 174)
personally, I think its due to the selfish and commercial media, and then
there's competition from the billion dollar cancer industry. Just the same,
IT IS DOCUMENTED FACT that Dr. Livingston has cured thousands of former
cancer patients. Thousands!!!! Call 1-900-844-8585 anytime. The call costs
about $10.00 but like I said I'll pay you $20.00 to prove my facts wrong.
1-900-844-8585. Sorry due to budget constraints, for now this number can
only be accessed from the Los Angeles CA area codes (213, 310, 818, 714).
perhaps you have family or friends from this area and they can help you
access this number by three way calling. You can get the same exact
information by rush mail by sending me $15.00 check or M.O. payable to
RSSD--acct#0349868-703 . Mail to Research System of San Diego -- 1042 North
47th St. San Diego CA USA. I need you help on this crusade.
Im also looking for donations and investors. Send donations to the above
address. If you have extra coins to invest in a worthwhile cause, call me
anytime at 619-264-0340. Ask for Peter/RSSD dept or Peterwiz thru Amer. On
Line. The life you save maybe someone close.

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