March 2, 2007

Dr. Edward Chu Named Deputy Director Of Yale Cancer Center

Yale Cancer Center Director Richard Edelson has appointed Edward Chu to the position of Deputy Director of the Center, effective January 1, following completion of 10 years of outstanding service by Jose Costa in that capacity.

"I am extremely proud to appoint Ed Chu to the position of Deputy Director at Yale Cancer Center. Ed's leadership and continued commitment to the success of the Center have shined over the last several years as he led our team of medical oncologists through a period of extensive expansion and change," Edelson said. "His experience and dedication will be a tremendous asset as Yale Cancer Center continues to grow and enters a new phase of expansion with the opening of the new clinical facility in 2009."

"While it is exciting to have the opportunity to promote Ed Chu into a new position of leadership, I am tremendously grateful for Jos–ď© Costa's decade of devotion to Yale Cancer Center. Dr. Costa has been integral to the growth and success of our Center and his knowledge and experience in the development of our research programs, the disease focused units and shared resources was instrumental to their success. Moreover, as part of the senior leadership of the Center, he has guided us through two comprehensive grant submissions to the National Cancer Institute," Edelson explained.

In addition to his current appointments as Professor of Pathology and Internal Medicine, Vice Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Yale School of Medicine, and Director of Anatomic Pathology in the department, Costa will remain an active member of Yale Cancer Center.

Chu has held positions of increasing responsibility at Yale Cancer Center since 1996 and is Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology and Chief of Medical Oncology. In his new role, Chu will continue to lead the Section of Medical Oncology and will also direct the clinical research initiatives for the Center.

Chu is a graduate of Brown University with B.S., M.M.S., and M.D. degrees. He also completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at Brown before moving to the National Cancer Institute where he completed a fellowship in Medical Oncology and subsequently served as a tenured Senior Clinical Investigator. In 1996, Chu was recruited to Yale to assume the positions of Chief of Medical Oncology and Director of the VACT Cancer Center at the West Haven Veterans Administration Hospital and to be Co-Director of the Developmental Therapeutics Research Program at Yale Cancer Center.

Chu is the author of the "Physicians' Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual," which provides a comprehensive review of all major cancer drugs and drug treatment regimens currently used in daily clinical practice by medical oncologists and health care professionals. The manual, now in its seventh edition, is recognized as a leading publication in the cancer field. Chu is also the editor in chief of the journal, Clinical Colorectal Cancer, and is the Chairman of the International Colorectal Congress, an international meeting held yearly that brings together leaders in oncology from the United States, Europe, and Asia and focuses on the latest developments in the management and treatment of colorectal cancer.


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