March 1, 2007

IPP-SHR - Free Online Full Text Access For Leading Austral-Asian Cancer Journal

The AJC is offering readers free online subscription, which enables members to access full text articles and participate in the journal's interactive user forums.

The AJC is the first international cancer journal to be published in Austral-Asia. It is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that focuses upon all biomedical and psycho-social aspects of cancer treatment and research.

The Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer's (AJC) new direction ensures its online presence compliments its aim of disseminating information on cancer research to all interested practitioners, scientists, researchers and students, irrespective of their ability to pay.

This provision of free online access to the journal's entire content is intended to promote cutting-edge cancer research in both developing and developed countries.

According to AJC consultant, Mr Hamish Holewa, "allowing full access to online articles and professional user forums is a major step forward for the AJC."

"This initiative resonates with our ethos of providing information to those in developing and developed countries and making a difference at the coalface of healthcare," said Mr Holewa.

Online subscription to the AJC will grant users access to the full content of the journal's latest issue, in addition to that of its previous seventeen issues.

To subscribe or find out more about this journal, visit

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